Southern Gates has worked with many organizations to create custom jewelry. Whether you’re a current Southern Gates retailer, historical society, national landmark, or private organization, we’d love to work with you on a private label jewelry design. Please review the information below and contact Maggie Berry for more information:

Custom Design Process:

-   The custom design process takes approximately 4 - 5 months for completion.
-   Required minimum order is 50 pieces plus $125 set up fee.
-   Client provides drawing or photograph of original design, along with desired specs: jewelry style, size, target wholesale cost, metal type, and quantity. 
-   The Cargo Hold will provide a manufacturer's rendering for client approval. The rendering can be edited UP TO three times if necessary. Further edits may incur additional fees.
-   Once the rendering is approved, the client will receive a samples in 8 - 10 weeks.
-   When the sample is approved by the client, the final order will be received 8 - 10 weeks from sample approval. Merchandise will be shipped immediately upon arrival to our office; custom orders are not held.
-   The minimum reorder for custom styles is 20 pieces.
-   Standard payment terms apply. Current customers must be in good standing.