Load up on leather! Sourced from Europe and hand assembled in Charleston, SC, this colorful collection of luxury leather bracelets, earrings, and necklaces makes the perfect accessory for any season. Please call us at (843)-723-3341 for the creation of custom leather jewelry pieces. 


• Leather is a natural product, which means that it will stretch and change color through normal wear.
• Handle your leather with clean hands! Leather absorbs oils that occur naturally on your skin.
• Leather jewelry is not designed to be worn 24/7, so give your beautiful piece a break once in a while. When storing your leather jewelry, remember to store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not store in plastic as it will hold moisture and encourage mildew growth.
• Yes, you can clean your leather, and it is easy! Use a wet cloth or sponge only (no soap or other harsh chemicals) and gently dab the surface where any dirt might be. Do not rub.
• Let your leather air dry only (avoid heat to dry the leather as it can damage the skin). And make sure your leather is completely dry before storing it.
• Can’t live without your favorite scent, hairspray, or other beauty products? No problem! Just put your leather on AFTER you apply your perfume, body spray, hairspray or hand cream.

Please note that are leather jewelery is assembled to order! It may take a few days of creation before we are able to ship!