I can't believe how fast we are selling Southern Gates. Customers wait for the box to come in and I sell out of the box! I can't order fast enough.

Debby, Carolina Jewelers

Orangeburg, SC

The Southern Gates Collection has done very well for us! We are completely sold out of many of the styles and are excited to get in the new Valentine Collection. People love the fact that the pieces are designed after the ornamental iron work of the Deep South. A real selling point in our area. The pieces are so beautiful on! We have done well with this product during the Christmas season. A keepsake piece for sure!

BJ Massey, BJ's Gifts and Accessories

Downtown Burlington, NC

Owners Bob and Tom are wonderful gentlemen to do business with. As a bead store, it is great to work with a company that helps you create new products and provides quick, efficient delivery. With all of their years of experience they are always available to give business advice.

Heidi, The Beaded Frog

Greenville, SC

Their elegant designs match their southern hospitality and they are always up to date with the newest trends.

Pam, Country Bumpkin

As a designer I want people to enjoy my pieces for years. With the Cargo Hold, I know the products are reliable and unique. Their findings and chains are great quality and well-made. Every custom piece has been perfect. Their communication and knowledge gives me the ability to get exactly what I want. A designer’s dream!

Stella, Green Grove